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RANDOM START: Snowden ‘Fineshrine (Purity Ring cover)’


A really nice cover of a great song.

Another new Purity Ring song.  I’ve yet to hear anything from them that I don’t like.  New record next month…..

New Purity Ring.  Thumbs up.

(Source: Spotify)

Apparently I was in a very critical mood on my way home, because I took the time to note 4 songs played in a row on Sirius XMU, for purposes of writing about them here.  So, here you go:

The Shins ‘Simple Song’

I’ve heard this song a ton lately and am still perched solidly atop the fence.  The chorus is SO. DAMN. GOOD.  And the verse is SO. DAMN. BAD.  I think I’m actually starting to come down on the side of liking it, solely based on the chorus, but I’m not happy about it.  It should be good from start to finish.  James Mercer is better than this…..

Real Estate ‘Green Aisles’

I don’t even remember if this song was any good, because I was so annoyed by the name of the band.  It’s not the first time I’ve heard of them, but for some reason it irritated me more than usual.  I guess we’re officially out of band names, assuming someone has already snatched up Mortgage Brokers.

Purity Ring ‘Belispeak’

I love this song.  What I don’t love is knowing that when the DJ says she’s going to play some Purity Ring, she’s going to play ‘Belispeak’ because that’s all Purity Ring is ever going to release.  Oh, and way to pull it down from Spotify.  YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Dirty Projectors ‘Gun Has No Trigger’

I’m well aware of this band, but haven’t made an attempt to listen to them.  Now that I know their vocalist (vocalist in this song, at least) is a C-level karaoke reject, I guess I’m done before I even started.  I’m also officially questioning all you people who always rave about these guys.  Someone please tell me I happened to catch a bad track, and restore my faith in hipster humanity.


(Source: Spotify)