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RANDOM START: Dead Country ‘Boring Love’

Doesn’t look like you can buy their 2nd EP on Amazon or iTunes (or anywhere. uhhhh, guys?), but you can download ‘Boring Love’ for free here.

A lot of people don’t like this band, and call them average and boring.  I’m definitely not one of those people.  I’ll absolutely agree they’re not breaking any new ground with their sound, but they write super catchy rock songs with relatable lyrics.  Works for me.  (p.s. “The girls I want, I never like.”  I love that line from this song.  So perfect.)

The bad news for the DC camp is that My Chemical Romance snatched up their drummer, Jarrod Alexander, after their old drummer (I realize using the term ‘old drummer’ when speaking about MCR could refer to a number of individuals.  In this case, it’s Mike Pedicone.) got booted for “egregious acts of thievery.” *  I don’t know what this means for Dead Country.  Time will tell…..

* Nobody every used the phrase “egregious acts of thievery,” they just said he stole stuff.  But, mine sounds better.

(Source: Spotify)



WARNING: I’d suggest starting the video and letting it play in the background so you can hear the song, but not actually watching it.  Nobody wants to start their Friday off with tears.

From time to time I disregard the purpose of Random Start and make a completely non-random song choice.  Today is one of those days.  In honor of my impending trip to Troubadour in West Hollywood to see Far and Dead Country this evening, I’m choosing a new Far track called ‘At Night We Live’ off of the new album of the same name.  This particular track is the instant grat. track you get when you pre-order the album, which you should do. Now.  These guys recently reformed and are putting out a new record on Tuesday through Vagrant.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to see them at Troubadour back in Oct when they were playing a few shows as Hot Little Pony. I wasn’t into them enough back in the late 90s to have ever seen them live, so that was my first Far show.  Jonah is the kind of front man I love.  Active, energetic and highly entertaining.  Super excited to see them again tonight.

I’m equally as excited to see Dead Country and recommend checking them out if you haven’t heard of them.  I’ve been devouring their EP lately but haven’t seen them live yet.  I’m expecting good things.

Random aside: What happened to the spell check button?  I’ve now been relegated to manual proof-reading and spell-checking.  wtf.