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THIS.  I also grew up with jazz flowing through the speakers 99% of the time, and this was one of the few songs I could recognize and actually knew by name.  I love Star Wars as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy isn’t a socially retarded bedroom hermit with 93 unopened boxes of Star Wars action figures), but on this day I choose to celebrate Dave.

Fun fact: If you don’t care about musical theory, hang up the Tumblr phone now, but ‘Take Five’ is known as one of the first songs in 5/4 to become commercially successful.  And that’s not speaking relatively, we’re talking Billboard charts, guys.


5/4 is not just a holiday for Star Wars nerds, you guys.

It’s #InternationalBrubeckognitionDay. A day in which we celebrate the indisputable badassery that Dave Brubeck has displayed for each and every one of his 92 years on this smelly planet we call Earth*.

* Note: Some people call it Earf, but whatever.

In my meaningless and somewhat misinformed opinion, “Take Five” is one of the three best jazz songs in the history of the genre. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

My dad played this song all the time when I was growing up. It was my intro to jazz, my intro to Brubeck, my intro to odd time, and now it’s a song rich in nostalgia, that brings back so many happy memories of a man I miss the ever-loving shit out of.

Buy everything Dave Brubeck’s ever been a part of.

(h/t Jason Pace)

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